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Search Engine Optimization

Keyword Optimization - Ranking for multiple search terms

Ranking well in the search engines requires having a good "long-tail strategy"

The example below is of a client with a content rich website but no keyword targeted optimization. Starting in July with optimizing only 3 pages of their website, the graph below shows the first increase in traffic the following month. In November, a full SEO website analysis was completed to identify the highest ranking opportunities, the missing opportunities and my recommendations for a better site structure.

By the first week of January, after optimizing their site structure and the top 20 pages needing keyword optimization, page 1 traffic was up more than 3x compared to last year.

Local & Long tail seo strategy

When your company requires in store transactions you need local search optimization

This client needed a complete website overhaul. During this overhaul I showed the client all of the opportunities they are missing out on and how they are more valuable than addressing the user experience of the site only. I single handedly developed a better user experience, integrated a Content Management System, and also introduced the new keyword opportunities during the development.
  • Below, you will see how after launch, on New Year's Day, the traffic continues to trend well and they are up 3x compared to last year while also attracting new clusters of customers.

  • Now that they are ranking for way more keywords we can optimize those oppertunities towards better page rankings to keep driving more traffic.