Paid Marketing

Google Search and Display Ads

Ads and Dynamic Landing Page Optimization

Optimizing Click-throughs, Quality Scores, Conversion Rates and Cost Per Lead.

When it comes to enhancing a campaign, it takes time to get it perfect, so start by gathering the most relevant keywords for the business objectives. For very complex campaigns with hundreds of keywords, you want to group those keywords into categories that work best for dynamic landing pages. For them, the most important things are understanding the users' intent when searching for a particular keyword and the value of the keyword groups.
  • The financial services space is tough, but after a thorough analysis, I helped them understand that first, you can’t waste time on the smaller things until you’ve gained a good understanding of the users' experience.

  • The key to driving more clicks is simply being relevant which also helps drive down cost.

  • We then take the budgets from other campaigns and markets, placing the budget into the keyword groups we knew would drive business versus volume or even conversions.

Display and AdWords Campaign

Company did a rebrand and launched new digital campaigns

I had the opportunity to be fully involved with the launch of Al’s Plumbing’s new brand and marketing campaign. I was responsible for creating the Display Ads to further the new brand, social network branding, design and develop landing pages that would generate leads.
  • The ROI was 200% which at the time meant two things: They had to hire more workers and we had to pause local campaigns.