David Roberson

SEO Expert, Design & Marketing

Responsive Design Layouts

We live in a Cross-Platform Multi-Screen World

Creative Responsive Layouts infuse good looks with usability; enabling users to find what they are looking for and achieve their intentions. With Responsive designs David creates Breakpoints for Desktop, Tablet and Mobile Device (Large, Medium or Small) browsers for the best User Experience possible.

Build a UX Team...

UI - User Interface Designs

Application Design & User Interaction

A Website/Application might have a creative look but if the usability is reduced the user veers from the basic objective. This is understanding the Psychology and Methodologies behind creating the Users Experience. It is important to take into account Marketing and Best Practices for a better ROI. UX Designs

SEO Expert - Search Engine Optimization Strategies

SEO is the Long Term Solution for Online Marketing

With SEO it is important to have hard-working Keyword list, smarter Meta data, thorough Cross-Linking and Strategic Content development that speaks effectively to the search bots as it does to your customers. SEO Strategies

Keywords Research & Content Strategies

Content should be unique, relevant, well written and that can be readable by not only the Google spiders, but a major part of relevance is relating to real people.

Web Crawlability & Architecture

Spiders crawl through a website using the web that you create for them to follow. So building a proper site structure use meta tags and links accordingly.

Social Integration & Blogging

Google recently announced that if you want more traffic be Relevant. Social Integration and Blogging plays a key role with online search recognition and building a trustworthy website.

Professional Branding Designer & Manager

Image drives the Customer Experience (CX)

A suitable Brand is elected before the launching of the business in the market. It is very important that the Brand is original and unique for the identification of a particular business alone.Learn More

HTML5 + CSS3 + JS = Front-end Developer

Embrace the New Advancements in Technology

Unfortunately – not all browsers and devices support HTML5 & CSS3 "YET". Fortunately – there are tons of other options like jQurey, JavaScript and in some cases the use of a separate stylesheet to support older browser (like IE7). HTML5 gives Spiders a better web to navigate and CSS3 creates likeability for the Human Factors.

Simplicity makes Cleaner Code

HTML5 provides practical tag that are commonly use when building a website. Some of those tags are Header, Nav, Section, Articles and Video to avoid always having to DIVvy classes up.

Animation and Video/Audio

After years of using Flash for animation CSS3 introduces functions like webkit-transitions that handles zoom, durations, opacity etc…HTML5 makes it easy to implement Video & Audio into a website.

Best Interactive Experience

Over all it provides simplicity, creativity, and usability for both the User & Developer. HTML5 + CSS3 is a secrete union...fight for Usability.

Wordpress, Sitecore, Joomla

CMS - Content Management Empowers Clients/Users

Some of the top CMS like Wordpress, Drupal, Stirecore and Magneto for Ecommerce requires the storage of data. This makes it easy to organize and manage things like Products, Blogs, Photo Galleries and creating/removing thing like pages or the content from them. The most popular of the CMS are developed by Open Source communities. Learn More